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Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite Supply in Nigeria

Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite Supply in Nigeria

For reliable Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite supply to all cities in Nigeria, Rico-Enoro Ltd is the name to trust.

Sodium Hypochlorite with the chemical formula, NaClO comes as a pale yellow aqueous solution with a characteristic strong odor and in households is used as liquid bleach.

Industrially, Sodium Hypochlorite is versatile and is used as an essential reagent and biocide (as micro-organisms cannot build up resistance to it) in treating wastewater and also in cleaning swimming pools. It neutralizes Ammonia and Sulphur hydrogen gas, protects cooling towers from algae and is also widely used in chemical plants, glass and paper industries, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, textile and waste disposal industries.

We stock various concentrations, brands and formulations of Sodium Hypochlorite for supply Nationwide in 20l Gallons or Drums and also have it in powdered form.

For supply of this as well as other oilfield and industrial chemicals, feel free to contact us via Email or by calling 08099889889!

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