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Supplier of Methanol in Nigeria

Supplier of Methanol in Nigeria

Rico-Enoro Ltd is a reliable and timely supplier of Methanol anywhere in Nigeria.

Methanol, also known by various names such as methyl alcohol, wood alcohol or methyl hydrate is an alkanol (simple alcohol) with the chemical formula, cH3OH. It comes as a highly flammable liquid with an alcoholic smell which burns with a bright flame.

Methanol is a by product of crude refining and is used in the oil and gas industry to lower the freezing point of water during oil and gas transport and also to prevent the formation of hydrates (especially offshore) by being injected either in a stream or in batches. Apart from the Oil & Gas Industry, Methanol finds use in many other industries as a solvent, as an ingredient in antifreeze, as a denaturing agent for ethanol and as a fuel additive.

We are a supplier of methanol anywhere in Nigera. We stock general use methanol and also purer laboratory and analytical grade in 2.5l containers 25l containers and 200L drums.

For supply of methanol, methyl alcohol, wood alcohol or methyl hydrate as well as other oilfield and industrial chemicals, feel free to contact us via Email or by calling 08099889889!

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